About Us

Smart communities start with smart homes

Who we are

We are a real estate development company that operates in two business segments, homebuilding and land development.

Our land development arm, Darnell Development, has the ability to entitle or, if already entitled, further subdivide properties into lots for subsequent sale to home building companies. Darnell Development also has the ability to develop fully finished lots which may either be sold to third party home building companies or purchased by our home building entity. The home building segment of our business, under the name T.C. James Homes LLC, constructs and sells residential homes.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best home builder and communities developer in California, supporting our communities, employees, and shareholders.

Efficient Operations

High-quality home at reasonable prices

Built-in sustainability

We care about the plant & do all we can to protect it

Our History

Founded in 2021, Darnell Development serves California’s growing need for new properties. 

Currently, the company is developing two Central California neighborhoods for the sale of residential homes in the cities of Fresno and Goshen. The company’s initial funding has been solely provided by the capital contributions of its founders.

Smart Communities Start With Smart Homes
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